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Bankruptcy filings up 64%

Lots of numbers in this review journal article…and not much else. But it all boils down to a whole heap of bad news….The good news? Well, uh….the bankrupcty courts are handling the increased caseload just fine, according to court trustee Brian D. Shapiro:

“The court clerks and the judges are doing a good job of getting the cases in and out,” court trustee Brian D. Shapiro said. “I don’t see any significant problems. Bankruptcy court kind of flows a lot quicker compared to other courts.”…

…Court officials and attorneys say whether the number of bankruptcy filings continues to rise or not will depend on the economy.

And Shapiro joked that until the public stops seeing all the commercials for bankruptcy attorneys on TV, you’ll know the economy isn’t getting better yet.

Hah, hah, hah.

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