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Buyer beware-hidden fees in empty homes

We’ve heard about angry homeowners who trash a place when the bank forecloses…some pour cement poured down toilets, strip oput plumbing and fixtures, punch holes in the walls…..In yesterday’s R-J, an article on the potential hidden costs and fees in buying a foreclosed home.

Michael Evans bought the bank-owned fourplex near Monroe Avenue and H Street at an auction without seeing it first.

The condition of the property might have scared off other investors, but he has been rehabbing and renting out property for a long time…..

…Then he ran into something new.

“I thought everything was great until the letter came in the mail,” Evans said.

The letter, from the city of Las Vegas, informed him that a previous, neglectful owner had racked up more than $60,000 in fees and fines because the city had to hire someone to board up the building and pick up trash.

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