community stories for southern Nevada

Nevada Development Authority mining the Golden State

Check out the latest attempt to attract business to southern Nevada:

Las Vegas’ mayor Oscar Goodman predicts the ads are, “…going to drive them (Californians) bonkers. This campaign is very Las Vegas.” It sure is a nasty one. Here a clip from the Las Vegas Sun article:

“The campaign, developed by Las Vegas-based Shonkwiler Partners, incorporates two basic themes, an apple-to-apple comparison of California and Nevada business climate in which the California apple shrivels and rots and another that compares the effects of California legislation on businesses to the shenanigans of a monkey. The ads incorporate the tagline “Kiss your assets goodbye.”

Apparently, this is supposed to drive businesses from California to Las Vegas in droves…. But we still must ask: If Californian businessmen and women are used to cultural amenities, what will they think about relocating to what is essentially a dead zone of  underperforming schools, underfunded social programs, and neighborhoods in a state of collapse?

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